How to launch a hit
sneaker with the help of our trends analysis?

Juil. 27, 2019

How image recognition helped to design a hit shoe

The context: finding the next collection flagship product

Our client was positioned as a “fashion forward” player in the market. They wanted to have an overview of the sneakers market’s future bestsellers in order to understand which shoe type would drive the focus of the next collection. Furthermore, they wanted to know if they should avoid certain styles that were losing desirability.

The challenge: designing a hit product aligned with brand’s DNA and customer expectations


Sneakers Heuritech

The methodology: advanced trend forecasting

Analyze 3 million
images on social media

Detect 350 sneakers
details and products

Classify 6 trend

Forecast sneakers’ trends


How did we help our client build the relevant offer on a budding trend?

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Before launching its collection, a brand worked with Heuritech to valide trendy products for its assortment and audience.

How to achieve +9% in sales in the skirts category?

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To design its new dress collection, a brand worked with Heuritech to identify the next big trends and increased sales by 9%.

How to build the relevant offer on a popular trend?

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The leopard print had been a hit trend for already 2 seasons and still a must-have. Our client was wondering if this trend would last until its next collection.
Trend forecasting Heuritech

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