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Everyday Heuritech detects what’s inside millions of untagged images shared on social media for fashion & luxury houses to measure product trends & know their clients better

Let's picture your future?

For who?

Product development
  • Measure your products performance against key competitors to optimize assortment
  • Quantify market trends in real-time to detect sparks of emerging trends
  • Enhance product briefs with insights on your clients in real life
Merchandise planning
  • Detect weak signals & identify lasting trends versus fleeting ones to optimise inventory
  • Explain past performances with data-driven insights on influencers & clients
Marketing & communication
  • Gather quantitative & qualitative insights on your clients to tailor ad campaigns
  • Measure the ROI of your campaigns through smart monitoring of product performance
  • Identify clients & influencers to target & engage with

A picture is worth a thousand words

How does it work?


Collect data

At Heuritech we gather millions of social images each day, or plug in on your social listening tools to form a wide-ranging and representative panel

Refine it

We eliminate any irrelevant or gray market content to focus on actual clients & influencers


Uncover what's hidden

We leverage our cutting-edge image recognition technology to uncover millions of untagged posts displaying brands' products and to tag all fashion related elements inside images.

Share insights

Discover, filter, quantify & visualize this large volume of data & take action!

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Why us?

Artificial intelligence
Deep learning is revolutionizing the way we can analyze data on a large scale. With over half of our team having PhDs in this field, and animating a scientific community of over 3000 people around Deep Learning, Heuritech is a front-runner in artificial intelligence.
Client focus
We are a team of fashion and technology enthusiasts constantly innovating with the client in mind. Our easy-to-use, online accessible software was created by fashion teams for fashion teams.
Worldwide coverage
Our algorithms are already analyzing more than 100 million web pages each day for key accounts. It relies on a solid scalable architecture to deliver instant results.