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Key data insights from Fall Winter 24 Women’s Fashion Week

Key takeaways

  • The Fall/Winter 2024 Fashion Weeks revealed a compelling narrative of resilience, reflection, and renaissance that echoed through the global fashion landscape.
  • Heuritech's fashion experts study the latest runway styles and then analyse their adoption into the mainstream market using our AI-powered tool.
  • Based on our Women’s Fall Winter ‘24 Fashion Weeks Report, this article explores data-driven insights every fashion professional should have in mind.

As the global fashion community wraps up the Fall/Winter 2024 season, a closer look at the data reveals the underlying narratives that have shaped the latest trends. Through a comprehensive analysis, we uncover the resilience and innovation that have characterized this season’s collections, offering a reflection of the societal zeitgeist through the lens of fashion.

Our data insights are not only coming from the styles spotted on the runway but also from the future evolution of them on the market. Basing decisions on Heuritech’s data insights makes it easier to balance a collection by providing a deeper understanding of how each consumer segment will adapt styles, allowing brands to plan inventory accordingly.

FW 24 Women's Fashion Week Report

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Report | FW ’24 Women’s Fashion Week

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In our latest report, we delved into how this season’s collections have masterfully balanced the dualities of past and future, heritage and innovation, echoing through the corridors of fashion capitals around the world. Data highlights in our analysis illustrate how designers have revisited their roots while projecting a vision for the future, blending traditional craftsmanship with technological advancements in sustainability and design.

Left: Versace

City spotlight: a global perspective

Through a data-driven lens, we dissected key trends across fashion capitals, revealing distinct preferences and innovations:

  • Milan and Paris emerged as leaders in experimenting with Vinyl and Scarlet Red, respectively, reflecting their willingness to embrace boldness and vibrancy. Whether evoking a grungy, rebellious dynamism or a more alluring, glamorous aesthetic, red remains a captivating choice for designers seeking to make a statement. The prevalence of shades of red has been notable in recent seasons, evident both on the catwalks and across social media platforms.
  • London maintained a smaller representation rate for Stripes, suggesting a more cautious approach compared to the broader embrace seen in other capitals. Indeed, stripes stand out as one of the prints consistently reinvented season after season, demonstrating remarkable growth in FW’24 compared to FW’23. While pinstripes have taken center stage with the resurgence of tailoring, designers are now placing their bets on thick stripes.

Concerning consumer inclinations, our data from our Fashion Week FW’24 report shows that they tend to align closely with runway trends.

Crimson Red leads with the highest forecasted growth for the Fall ’24 season, with a forecasted increase of +16% emerging as the preferred trend across all segments, capturing the attention of mainstream, trendy and edgy consumers. 

Image: Data from Fashion Week FW’24 Heuritech Report

Crimson Red data +16%
FW 24 Women's Fashion Week Report

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Report | FW ’24 Women’s Fashion Week

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Star trends: must-have womenswear styles for an upcoming FW’24 collection assortment. 

Leopard, leather skirts, bodycon mini dresses, off-shoulder dresses and patent leather were the star trends of the season, meaning they were present in nearly every runway show, spotted in all of our key themes.

For the upcoming FW’24 season leopard is forecasted to experience a +10% increase compared to FW’23 on our panels making it a Comeback trend, adopted by all mainstream & trendy consumers. From adorning coats to skirts, blouses, dresses and accessories the leopard print made a powerful statement which depicts an untamed elegance that defines this captivating trend.

Image: Data from Heuritech Market Insights Platform

Thematic trends analysis: heritage reimagined, a new era of riveting refinement

Dressing in a refined and sophisticated manner is currently en vogue, epitomized by the couture-clad socialites of the seventies-era depicted in the TV show ‘Feud: Capote vs. the Swans.’ This trend embraces capes, dinner suits, sheath dresses, and luxurious Chanel-like bouclé tweed, ideal for channeling the strong and confident essence of Upper East Side ‘ladies who lunch.’
However, the narrative of Heritage Reimagined sophistication emerging from this fashion week extends beyond mere nostalgia, instead paying homage to tradition while embracing evolution. It serves as a reminder that elegance is a dynamic concept, embodying qualities of grace, strength, and authenticity. Designers like Alessandro Vigilante at Rochas and Pieter Mulier at Alaïa skillfully reinterpret their houses’ legacies, infusing historical elegance with modern sensibilities. Vigilante’s exploration of lace and surrealism and Mulier’s innovative use of merino wool exemplify this dialogue with the past. Meanwhile, designers such as Tory Burch and Prada infuse modernity into their interpretations of Heritage Reimagined forms, with Burch exploring vulnerability and Prada focusing on hyped bow motifs.

By leveraging the data insights provided by Heuritech, merchandisers know that for representing this theme, the key colours to consider are Charcoal Gray, with a +8% growth in Europe, and Burgundy, with a +6% growth.

Image: Data from Fashion Week FW’24 Heuritech Report

Trend screening: a synergy between the catwalks and forecasted consumer behavior

Fashion weeks and their shows are great moments of innovation and inspiration. In our full report available to our clients, we present an analysis to help them understand which trends demonstrate synergy between the catwalks and forecasted consumer behavior, and to assist fashion professionals in identifying the most promising product categories.

This season, we can share that Red, Leather and Marled are the trends that showcase both growing visibility on the catwalks and promising forecast for Fall 24, underlining the need for strategic inclusion in upcoming collections.

Image: Data from Fashion Week FW’24 Heuritech Report
FW 24 Women's Fashion Week Report

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Report | FW ’24 Women’s Fashion Week

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Using Heuritech’s FW’24 Fashion Week report to back your intuition

With this article, we wanted to address how Heuritech data insights are crucial after Fashion Weeks.

Beyond mere runway observations lies a complex realm where true market analysis thrives. It’s not merely about tallying the trends; it’s about comprehending consumer responses and adoption patterns.

By leveraging advanced forecasting solution, fashion and sportswear brands gain unprecedented insights into consumer preferences. It’s not just about what’s seen on the catwalks; it’s a holistic anticipation of the fashion market’s trajectory.

Only this level of data analysis is instrumental in enabling fashion and sportswear brands to cater to consumers’ preferences successfully as it goes beyond just what was spotted; it is a complete analysis of the fashion market’s future.

Would you like to learn more about our solution? Don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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