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With Heuritech you get access to data you could not find anywhere else. We apply our product-focused computer vision technology trained to detect over 2000 fashion attributes to predict the market dynamics. After quantifying the adoption of each attribute in our data panels, we forecast their evolution up to one year ahead with 90% accuracy.

Starter Pack

For who? For small to medium-sized brands & manufacturers with less than 100 million turnover, our Starter Pack is designed to help small and agile team get access to data to enable them make the best decisions.

Offer: Market Insights platform access

Features included:

  • 1 universe (Women RTW, Men RTW, Women Shoes or Men Shoes)
  • 1 geography among Europe, France, the United Kingdom, the US, the Middle East, China, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia

User Limits: 2 users

Standard Reports

Customization Options: available add-ons (universe, geography, user)

Support: onboarding & training sessions + technical support by email

Pricing: starting at 1k€/month

Enterprise offer

For who? For large apparel brands and retailers looking to infuse a data-driven mindset and make data backed decisions, our Enterprise Offer provides the ultimate Heuritech experience.

Offer: tailored to your specific needs and markets, our team will analyze your specific use case and goals and define the most relevant dataset (data extracts, API, Market Insights Platform, Bespoke Project). After the audit, our team will help build bridges between teams to answer your specific needs and give you the market data you lack.

User Limits: scalable for businesses of all sizes

Tailor-made Reports

Customization Options: tailor the Enterprise Offer to your unique requirements

Support: onboarding & training sessions + full support with a dedicated account manager

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