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What if you could predict the future?

In the era of social media, influence has shifted to real-world influencers through millions of images on Instagram and other visual platforms.
This presents a tremendous opportunity for fashion brands to better understand the state of the market and tap into future trends.

Turn social media
into meaningful fashion insights with image recognition


The most precise image recognition


– Colors
– Styles
– Textures
– Specific brands
– Patterns
– Specific SKUs
– Shapes
– Logos

In pictures, stories & videos

Over 3 million pictures analyzed each day,
resulting in over 4000 detected trends and products
with a 90% precision rate

Use predictive analytics to forecast fashion trends


Unlike textual analysis tools that only capture what’s happening now, Heuritech’s visual processing on social media predicts what’s coming next in fashion.

By capturing early signals from audience panels on Instagram, Heuritech is able to forecast expected growth from the fashion forward, to the mass.

The breadth and depth of Heuritech’s data science analysis allows you to forecast more accurately throughout your product’s lifecycle, from trends, to demand planning, to stock.

Predict the behavior
of every. single. trend.

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Predict the performance
of every. key. product.

Trend forecasting platform

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Go beyond social listening
for a 360° view of your market

Hashtag pollution - Balenciaga brand

On average, 80% of products are missed with text analysis alone due to spam and hashtag pollution.

Success stories

model removes a pink tie dye hoodie

How did we help our client face confinement and prepare a long-term strategy for future collections?

A fashion brand used Heuritech’s technology to take advantage of its existing inventory and showcase the season’s key trends to its audience.

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sneaker black and white

How did we help our client renew his offer by revealing a future trendy design attribute?

Using Heuritech’s platform, our client spotted black dad sneakers as a
relevant trend to renew his “lifestyle” sneaker offer.

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trend forecasting platform

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