Jacquesmus Fashion Week mini bag

Jacquemus Fashion Week: Virality fits in the palm of your hand with the new Mini Bag

Key takeaways

  • For the Jacquemus show at FW19 Fashion Week, what started as a way to send invitations to press editors turned into an industry-wide trend.
  • Heuritech identified the Mini Chiquito bag as accounting for 39% of all posts and a high engagement rate, making it the buzz bag of the Jacquemus show.
  • The success of the Mini Chiquito bag is reflective of Jacquemus designer Simon Porte’s clever social media strategy and awareness of modern trend-setting.
Jacquemus mini Chiquito bag
Jacquemus Chiquito Bag

It all started as a funny PR way to send invitations to press editors attending the Jacquemus show during FW2019/2020 Fashion Week. Before the show, many designers published posts featuring an itsy-bitsy bag, the Jacquemus Mini Chiquito bag, which fits in the palm of one’s hand.

“La collectionneuse” made a sensation both on the front row and on social media. The minuscule accessory was carried by the models by hand or worn with long straps as cross-body bags, but almost invisible on stage. Still, our image recognition technology detection captured it with astonishing results.

The Jacquemus Mini Chiquito Bag: A successful launch at Paris Fashion Week

Among all the bags showcased on the catwalk, Heuritech identified the Mini Chiquito bag as the one which triggered the highest enthusiasm. Looking at bag rankings, we clearly see that the nano bag stood out. It accounted for 39% of all posts, making it THE buzz bag of the show.

Bag virality analysis - Heuritech
Bag virality analysis by Heuritech

How to read it :

Share of Posts: number of posts of the product divided by the total number of posts of the brand’s products

Engagement rate: average number of likes divided by the number of followers of the accounts that posted

Reach: average number of followers of the accounts that posted

Brand pride: number of times the brand name is mentioned in a caption or tagged in posts featuring the brand’s product. This KPI is an indicator of how proud people are to share about the brand.

Recipe for a high engagement rate: A perfect balance between humor and speculation

The Mini Chiquito bag proved its attractiveness with a very high engagement rate, way higher than other bags: 2,7% engagement rate versus 0,3%  on average for the other bags from the show. The engagement was mostly driven by posts from influential people, which we have labeled as “Superstars” (more than 500 000 followers) and “Macro-influencers” (between 10 000 and 500 000 influencers). This also explains the very high reach.

The Mini Chiquito bag is bold and divisive. The bag offers the perfect balance between irony and authenticity, two values which speak to today’s youth.

Jacquemus is accustomed to playing with proportions. During the show, he was true to his DNA and demonstrated a sense of humor. Through this playful endeavor, Jacquemus positioned itself as a new serious new player in the accessories field.

The high number of zooms on the products (one of the highest among all brands for this season) and the excellent brand pride rate of 94% proved a strong interest in the product itself, rather than the looks, and that the Nano bag contributed to expanding brand awareness.

The minuscule bag raised the question of what is really essential to carry or whether a handbag can be reduced to a minimum: the bag is smaller than a credit card. Many interacted over it on Instagram, trying to guess what could fit into it. And speculation ran rife: earpods, usb keys, lipstick, and even one’s dignity. Another interpretation can be the shrinkage of privacy, if you consider that a bag usually contains a woman’s secrets.

The bag size is in stark contrast with the oversized Jacquemus “la bomba” straw bag and hat seen last season, which went viral thanks to a cunning product placement in the Calvin Harris’ music video “One kiss”.

Simon Porte, the designer behind the collection, once again proved his great skill for cultivating social media engagement while communicating on his accessories strategy shift with just a minuscule luxury item.


Heuritech analyzes 3 million Instagram images and videos daily. We have defined 4 representative panels of consumers, from superstars to macro and micro influencers to mass market.

During and after the show, Heuritech found over 5000 relevant posts about the Jacquemus fashion show, using specific hashtags such as #jacquemusfashionshow, #jacquemusfw19, #simonportejacquemus, #fashionweekparis, etc. We applied our technology to the 5000 relevant posts to detect the new bags from the fashion show and analyzed the results.

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