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The entire Heuritech team hopes that you and your loved ones are in good health. We are working hard to continue to provide the best of our service, with energy and optimism.

During this time, we know how challenging it can be to envision tomorrow, but Heuritech is here to help see what’s next. We stand by your side and we will go through this together. Take care!

How we’re helping

Overstock, e-commerce and future collections

At Heuritech, we strongly believe that data and artificial intelligence are key to navigate this crisis. Thanks to our consumer and influencer analysis from social media, we can help make data-driven decisions. Our goal, during this time, is to help you get rid of overstock, increase e-commerce, and design a recovery plan for next collections. Get in touch at info@heuritech.com to see how we can help!

“New Data for Fashion”: Solidarity Program

Heuritech has designed a solidarity program "New Data for Fashion” to give access to strategic information and data to fashion brands during Covid19 time. Based on Heuritech’s social media analysis, we will be delivering personalized trends reports and resources to guide you in this resumption of activity and steer your strategy. If you are a brand operating in Europe and would like to join our free six-month program, apply here.


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from Heuritech’s Instagram analysis

  • Gaining an understanding of consumer attitudes via Instagram
  • Shedding light on consumer behaviors around the world
  • Pinpointing the top trends in the US, Europe, and China
man in face mask

Consumer attitudes in fashion during and post-confinement

As consumers come out of confinement, Heuritech looked at its Instagram analysis to determine consumers’ changing attitudes in fashion.

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Bella Hadid wears a face mask

Consumer behaviors during and post-Covid

As a reflection of consumer and industry changes, the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted fashion trends throughout Europe, the US, and China.

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