Heuritech is the only technology solution that analyzes the precise details of social media images for a comprehensive understanding of your product, customers and market



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Heuritech is a cutting-edge fashion technology company that offers brands predictive analytics on trends and products.

Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to translate real-world images shared on social media into meaningful insights, Heuritech empowers fashion brands to forecast demand and trends more accurately, produce more sustainably, and achieve unprecedented competitive advantage.

The company was founded by PhDs in 2013 with one goal in mind: to bridge the gap between artificial intelligence and business, two worlds often set apart. Several years later, Heuritech continues to apply the latest scientific research in the fashion industry.


Pronunciation: hjʊ(ə)ˈrɪtek
Definition: the art of making discoveries by finding the most optimal solution in the unknown
Origin: our name, Heuritech, is a combination of the words Heuristic and Technology.
Heuristic comes from “Eurisko”, the greek word for “find”, which led to the famous expression “Eureka”.

our story

  • 2013: Founding of the company and development of the technology
  • 2014: Heuritech’s first Deep Learning Meetup in Paris
  • 2015: Team of 10 employees, including 8 PhDs in machine learning
  • 2016: €1,1 million fundraising
  • 2017: Winner of the LVMH Innovation Award: solution dedicated to luxury
  • 2018: Solution scaled to sports and mass market industries
  • 2019: €4 million fundraising, team of 45 employees
  • 2020: Opening of its first New York and Singapore offices


Artifiical intelligence sustainability fashion

Heuritech is at the forefront of the changes happening in the fashion industry. Today, we are at a historical turning point: by 2030, the production volume for apparel and footwear is expected to increase by 62%. On the other hand, consumers are demanding that brands improve their supply chain to meet social, environmental and ethical concerns.

Fashion brands face tremendous pressure from their partners and customers and must adapt the ways in which they have been working for decades. But they are engaged in an endless race to create more and more products, more content, more market shares, etc. This race damages profitability and threatens the environment.

Luckily, and for the first time in history, brands have an incredible tool at hand: the use of artificial intelligence and data, which can help them to produce more responsibly.

By analyzing what’s happening on social media, we are able to quantify demand and trends precisely with predictive analytics on growth, volume, adoption speed, etc. This allows fashion brands to anticipate emerging trends rather than simply reacting to them, and to produce the quantity needed according to geography and audience, effectively reducing their overstock.




“Heuritech has turned social media into an artificial intelligence tool that predicts the development of trends”

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“The world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) service that can predict fashion trends”

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“Visual recognition specialist Heuritech is working with Louis Vuitton and Dior to provide predictive analysis on trends.”

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“Like a giant scanner, Heuritech is able to provide a detailed report on popular looks, with the best predictive value possible.”

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Heuritech is a technology company that uses artificial intelligence to browse images on social media to discern fashion trends



Pierre Denis

Pierre Denis

With more than 30 years of experience in luxury and fashion, Pierre Denis is the former CEO of Jimmy Choo and occupied various executive positions at LVMH. He is now the Senior Advisor to the board at Coty.

Coralie de Fontenay

Coralie de Fontenay

Coralie de Fontenay is a Business Angel, Board member & Senior Advisor for disruptive start-ups and Digitally Native Vertical Brands. She is the former Managing Director of Cartier France. 

Florian Douetteau

Florian Douetteau

Florian Douetteau is the founder and CEO of Dataiku, one of the world’s leading AI and machine learning platforms. Before, he spent 10 years at Exalead as VP Research & Development and occupied a position of CTO at IsCool Entertainment and Freelance Data Scientist at Criteo.

Renaud Visage

Renaud Visage

Renaud Visage is the co-founder of Eventbrite and the Board Partner of Point Nine Capital. He invested in numerous digital and successful start-ups.

Alix de Poix

Alix de Poix

Alix de Poix specializes in CEO and Start-up Advisory and Mentoring, with her firm APEXES founded in 2006. Previously, she had a long career in Consulting and Human Resources, collaborating with leading organizations such as Altavia, BCG, Bic, Chanel, Christies, Hermes, HSBC, INSEAD, McKinsey, Pernod Ricard, Yves Rocher...

Nicolas Pinto

Nicolas Pinto

Nicolas is a renowned Deep Learning researcher and lecturer, having held positions at MIT and Harvard before he founded Perceptio, the first privacy-preserving mobile Deep Learning startup that Apple acquired in 2014. He is now the co-founder of Cygni Labs and General Partner at Cygni Capital, focusing on planting the seeds of more trustworthy technologies, towards a non-dystopian future.
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