2023 retrospective on artificial intelligence

Heuritech’s decade of AI excellence: a transformative 2023

Key takeaways

  • This year was a testament to the constant balance between our AI prowess and the keen insights of our fashion experts. This synergy of data and fashion expertise continues to fuel the landscape of fashion analytics.
  • We launched exciting features like our new age segmentation for our clients to cater to younger clients with tailored product offerings or our new shoe architecture to decipher the sportswear market.
  • Looking forward to 2024, our commitment to shaping fashion's future continues, with a focus on strengthening our sportswear and apparel offerings.

As we bid farewell to an incredible 2023, at Heuritech we proudly reflect on a decade of AI expertise, marking our journey from creation in 2013 to becoming a leader in fashion technology.

Since our inception in 2013, we’ve evolved into a pioneering force in fashion technology, blending artificial intelligence with the keen insights of our fashion experts. This synergy has consistently propelled us forward, shaping the landscape of fashion analytics.

Milestones of 2023

In 2023, Heuritech reached new heights, exemplifying the delicate balance between AI prowess and fashion expertise. Our commitment to innovation led to the introduction of groundbreaking features, such as the new age segmentation for our clients to cater to younger clients with tailored product offerings.

Adding on to our current segmentation, age insights is an enhancement designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of our client’s target audience.

As a reminder, age is a sensitive personal data that we cannot retrieve from social media accounts. Just like our trends, our age insights are thus based on visual recognition. We trained our in-house model on a dataset representative of the world population (IBM Diversity in Faces) to be able to visually estimate the age of a person.

Another big update is our new shoe architecture to decipher the sportswear market.

Much more in-depth shoes trends than ever before: the catalog is now enriched with different types of shoe trends which combine various shoe shapes/styles to distinct shoe attributes, for eg : “High-Top Retro Basketball Sneakers” on top of “High-Top Sneakers”

We added more than 300 trends per shoe category on average covering attributes like colors, patterns, toe shapes, closure types, back types, etc.

We expanded our global reach to 14 geozones, including the Middle East and Southeast Asia, allowing us to provide tailored insights on a broader scale. These new geographies add up to Europe, France, the United Kingdom, the US and China already available.

To meet the evolving needs of our clients, we introduced themes like “Barbie Core,” filter categories, and a staggering 753 new trends exclusively for the US market.

These advancements marked 2023 as a transformative year, providing our clients with powerful insights to navigate the dynamic world of fashion.

Industry presence and engagements

Heuritech solidified its presence in the industry throughout 2023, participating in renowned events like Shoptalk and NRF. We hosted webinars, organized an exclusive dinner with C-level executives in NYC, and engaged in a digital roundtable with industry leader Barry McGeough. Our commitment to knowledge-sharing continued with insightful content, featuring articles on key themes like “Quiet Luxury” and comprehensive coverage of women’s Fashion Week, now meticulously detailed by city.

To better comprehend how to leverage fashion week trends and their life cycle, our fashion and data experts have tracked the development of pivotal trends on both the runways and social media.

Gain insight into how to interpret these trends in accordance with your consumers’ preferences and identify the key events and designers influencing their desirability.

Image: Data from Fashion Week SS’24 Heuritech Report

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Vision for 2024

AI and Fashion webinar

Looking ahead to 2024, Heuritech remains steadfast in its commitment to shaping the future of fashion. Our focus will center on expanding our forecasting model and strengthening our sportswear and apparel offerings, building upon the foundation laid in 2023.

With a decade of AI expertise under our belt, we are poised to continue driving innovation and providing unparalleled insights to our clients.

As we reflect on the milestones of 2023 and anticipate the opportunities of 2024, Heuritech stands at the forefront of fashion technology, seamlessly blending artificial intelligence with fashion expertise. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, and we look forward to another year of transformative advancements in the dynamic realm of fashion analytics. Stay tuned as we continue to shape the future of fashion through innovation and insights.

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Léa Gossein

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