Quantify & predict what people wear with the power of AI

Heuritech was created in 2013 by two PhDs in Machine Learning. Heuritech possesses an AI-based visual recognition technology and a forecasting model allowing apparel brands to quantify and predict what people wear, based on the largest dataset on fashion. Leading to a balanced collection assortment adapted to regional market specificities and reduced overstock.

  • Our technology analyzes more than 3 million social images a day to give you unbiased data about your market
  • We use AI to detect 2000 fashion attributes, from macro prints, colors and fabrics to granular shapes & attributes and even your own product lines
  • Our consumer panels represent different segments, from celebrity influencers to mainstream consumers

Our Market Insights platform

Our trend forecasting platform blending fashion expertise and artificial intelligence offers market insights for brands, retailers and manufacturers.

  • Market Insights is an easy-to-use SaaS platform enabling to quantify the adoption of prints, colors, fabrics, shapes & product attributes in each market for next season.
  • In our AI-powered insights platform, designers, merchandisers, buyers, data teams and sportswear players can access images, analyses, and forecasts on the market to improve and facilitate decision-making.
  • An API version is also available to inject Heuritech market data in your own forecasting model, combining data sources for further relevancy.

Why AI trend forecasting?

Fashion trend forecasting with HeuritechFashion trend forecasting with Heuritech
Increase your sell-through by optimizing your collectionIncrease your sell-through by optimizing your collection
Reduce uncertainty by anticipating and quantifying key trends of tomorrowReduce uncertainty by anticipating and quantifying key trends of tomorrow
Ensure the digital transformation of the company driven by data & AI Ensure the digital transformation of the company driven by data & AI

Increase your sell-through by optimizing your collection

Reduce overstock, avoid missed revenue and increase sales by:

  • Integrating future best-selling trends in your collections and avoiding slow-sellers
  • Improving the accuracy of demand forecasting on key trends and product categories
  • Adjusting and balancing your collection plan in regards to future market demand across all your markets
Varsity Jackets data insights

Reduce uncertainty: anticipate and quantify key trends of tomorrow

Don't miss any future big trends and avoid declining ones, back all your design decisions with data and ensure the relevance of timing to your brand DNA by:

  • Optimizing your product offer by including the right trends and avoiding the declining ones for the collection of interest
  • Saving time spent researching and benchmarking trends in the market
  • Fostering a data-driven mindset in the product decision-making
Kelly Green trend forecast decline

Ensure the digital transformation of the company driven by data & AI

Foster rationality in every product decision-making and accelerate the digital transformation of the company by:

  • Enhancing cross-team collaboration and saving time in the collection development process
  • Improving cross-divisional communication
  • Using our fashion insights as a bridge of communication between creatives and analytical profiles
case studies heuritech sell-through optimization

Fashion trend forecasting with Heuritech

Trend forecasting is the act of predicting fashion trends including colors, fabrics, silhouettes, patterns, styles, and more for clothing collections in upcoming seasons.

Once drawn from Fashion Weeks, past sales analysis or trade shows, trend forecasting with Heuritech technology now allows brands to have an accurate vision of their present and future markets and customers.

Heuritech forecast prediction for EU Male Retro football sneakers

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Blending artificial intelligence with fashion expertise for predictive analytics on trends

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