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Paris, 2nd of December 2020 - Heuritech is proud to announce our new trend forecasting platform, now with fresh features for your teams to make faster, more efficient decisions.

Trend forecasting with Heuritech: An improved way to align your teams to better plan collections

Using the power of AI and data to scan millions of social media images, Heuritech analyzes the past & the present to reveal the future of fashion trends for leading brands worldwide including Louis Vuitton, Dior, Moncler, and Havaianas. Heuritech’s cutting-edge image recognition technology analyzes 3 million images and videos each day on social media and can recognize more than 2000 fashion details such as colors, textures, patterns, and prints, giving brands valuable insights on trends up to one year in advance. Our platform helps them take data-driven decisions to grow the business, while supporting cross-divisional communication.

Heuritech’s image recognition technology can recognize over 2000 attributes

Heuritech’s image recognition technology can recognize 500 Pantone color codes

Why the new platform?

Over the last 6 months, we ran many feedback sessions with our users, complemented with wide user studies as well as in-depth interviews with teams and C-levels. As we are always working on improving our product, we decided to design a brand new version of our trend forecasting platform with key bricks for your teams to make quick and efficient decisions with Heuritech.

Our mission remains the same: to empower both creative and analytical teams with predictive and actionable insights, from design, to buying, to launch.


What’s new about the platform?

Heuritech’s latest enhancement of our trend forecasting platform offers a range of new-and-improved features for fashion brands.

  • A new user experience that is more playful and visual to be easily integrated into each team’s work style and process.
  • Product features that are better aligned with the main use cases of our key users, collection merchandisers, and designers.
  • A trend architecture that is more fitted for collection planning with the Assortment Mix page and inclusion of color, print, and fabric trends in the Trend Radar
  • New metrics that are easier to understand and interpret for a faster decision-making process.


In a few figures, our platform provides in-depth insights from social media to give brands the opportunity to gain a full scope of the market to make more informed decisions.

  • More than 11K trends available in women's and men's markets
  • 250K+ active accounts captured each month on social medias on average
  • 1.5M+ social media's posts analyzed each month

Who can benefit from the platform?

With Heuritech’s new trend forecasting platform, teams can now have a more data-driven mindset to face this uncertain time with more confidence. Brands can foster cross-team collaboration around the same language and tools for design, merchandising, and marketing teams, pulling from a centralized base of knowledge founded in sales and market data comparisons.


Merchandisers and planning teams can plan ahead by selecting all relevant trends to include in their next collection briefings, in order to provide designers with the right guidelines for future best-sellers and to avoid missed opportunities. These teams can additionally optimize product assortment and adjust drops with data on market demand evolution, all while maintaining an alignment with designers.


Designers can better prepare collection meetings through key qualitative and quantitative insights about the relevance of trends, facilitating communication with analytical-minded teams on their trend intuitions and product choices. Moreover, designers can visually explore Heuritech’s platform to spot inspiring details and ideas for their moodboards.


Communication teams can anticipate the biggest trends to come and become more reactive to market demand for online communication and VM. They can also identify which key trends in each collection to highlight to better reach the brand’s audience.

Heuritech’s trend forecasting platform gives a range of valuable insights

Heuritech’s trend forecasting platform gives a range of valuable insights

What do Heuritech’s insiders have to say?

Tony Pinville, CEO of Heuritech, expressed: “We've received positive feedback from our early adopters that the new platform is aligned with how they work, no matter the team. I'm glad that Heuritech is able to help brands come out of 2020 stronger than before.”


An early adopter weighed in: “This new version will help us quite a lot both to spot the big stories to include in our next collection and to balance our assortments based on future market demand.”

About Heuritech

Heuritech is a cutting-edge fashion technology company that offers brands data-driven trend forecasting. Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to translate real-world images shared on social media into meaningful insights, Heuritech empowers brands to forecast demand, stock and sales more accurately, produce more sustainably, and achieve unprecedented competitive advantage.


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