• Future of consumer behavior and shopping methods
  • Supply and value chains of brands
  • Tools of digital transformation
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People talk a lot about how digital transformation has led to the reconsideration of traditional ways to conduct business. This is especially poignant in the fashion industry, where the intersection of creativity and data have given rise to fresh challenges, and even fresher solutions. Trust one of the actors of this movement by joining us in our upcoming webinar to get an overview of the digital evolution of the fashion industry with inspiring examples.

Heuritech harnesses trend forecasting and image recognition technology to collect actionable data and generate in-depth reports from social media insights.

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Hear what brands think about our report:

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"Thank you for the follow up and sending it to me! This was really interesting and insightful"

- Jessica Rhoads, Anthropologie

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"I appreciated the diversity of themes, but how each theme had cohesion ("Blooming Nature" and "Sleek Futurism" were two I hadn't seen yet)"

- Charles Wilson, New Balance


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