Men's Fall/Winter '23 Fashion Weeks Report

A joint creation of Heuritech's fashion and data experts, this FW '23 Men's Fashion Weeks report is yet another quintessential example of how fashion and technology complement each other.

Featuring in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis, this new Heuritech report explores what masculinity looks like in 2023 and how to convey it in your own business strategy.

Publication Date: January 2023

Research Inputs: 102 analyzed shows, 7454 crawled pictures

Men’s FW ’23 Fashion Weeks Report
Men’s FW ’23 Fashion Weeks Report

Executive Summary

In this report, we uncover the key quantitative (supported by predictive data) and qualitative trends across colors, prints, fabrics, shapes and accessories that emerged during the FW '23 Men's Fashion Weeks based on the analysis of 102 shows and 7454 images.