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Spring/Summer 2020

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Dear readers,

As Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Week comes to an end, it is high time we look back at the past month to see what really mattered to the influential voices of the fashion industry on Instagram. Our team has analyzed 40 000 catwalk and street style posts from Instagram thanks to our proprietary, cutting-edge technology. We are happy to unveil this Report covering top Data from New York, London, Milan and Paris. Our editorial is split into two chapters. The first one consists of key facts that we quantified from each Fashion Week. The second part covers our core expertise at Heuritech: product and trend detection on social media. We deep dive into the details of top products, looks and colors spotted on the catwalk and in street style images.

Our mission at Heuritech is to give meaning to millions of images shared on social media each day to extract relevant insights tailored for your target market. We hope you enjoy our Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020 Report.


Tony Pinville

CEO & co-founder



Mentions of Bottega Veneta between FW19 and SS20

“…SS20 definitely marked the beginning of a new era for Bottega Veneta: the number of posts men-tioning the brand tripled between the FW19 and SS20 Fashion Weeks. The new Pouch bag was spotted everywhere on the streets: posts featuring the Pouch grew by +300% during Fashion Month….”

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Heuritech is a cutting-edge fashion technology company that offers brands data-driven trend forecasting. Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to translate real-world images shared on social media into meaningful insights, Heuritech empowers brands to forecast demand, stock and sales more accurately, produce more sustainably, and achieve unprecedented competitive advantage.

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