Top trends of 2023: a comprehensive review

As we navigate through 2024, it’s essential to look back and understand the key fashion trends that shaped 2023. At Heuritech, our trend forecasting solutions provided valuable insights into the shifts and rises in fashion preferences. Here, we highlight the top ten trends of 2023, reflecting on their growth and the demographics that embraced them. This review not only encapsulates the essence of last year's fashion scene but also sets the stage for predicting future trends.

fashion trends 2023

10 Top Trends of 2023

  1. Slingback pumps
  2. Red outerwear
  3. Wide-leg denim pants
  4. Denim midi skirts
  5. Floor-length denim pants
  6. Pinstripes
  7. Cargo pants
  8. Biker boots
  9. Ballerinas
  10. Metallic tones
fashion trends 2023

Methodology: Heuritech's approach to trend forecasting

At Heuritech, our trend forecasting methodology is rooted in advanced artificial intelligence and data analysis. We leverage cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to analyze vast amounts of visual data from social media platforms. By identifying patterns and shifts in consumer behavior, we provide real-time insights into emerging trends. Our approach combines the quantitative rigor of data science with the qualitative expertise of fashion experts, ensuring accurate and actionable forecasts. This robust methodology allows brands to stay ahead of market dynamics and align their strategies with the latest consumer preferences, driving innovation and growth in the fashion industry.

1. Slingback pumps: the rise of edgy elegance

In 2023, slingback pumps made a significant impact, experiencing a remarkable 40% growth compared to the previous year. This surge was primarily driven by edgy consumers aged 26 to 35, who embraced the blend of classic elegance with a modern twist.

Slingback pumps, characterized by their open heel and strap, became a versatile addition to wardrobes, suitable for both formal and casual occasions. Heuritech's data indicates that this trend has consistent momentum, positioning slingback pumps as a rising star in the footwear market.

Slingback Pumps 2023

2. Red outerwear: a bold fashion statement

pantone viva magenta

Red outerwear took center stage on runways and streets alike, showcasing a notable 14% growth from the previous year. The vibrant hue captivated a diverse range of consumers, from mainstream to trendy and edgy individuals aged 26 to 45 and beyond. The popularity of red extended to dressy shoes, with a 19% increase in adoption among edgy consumers. This trend’s widespread appeal underscores its significance in 2023, making red outerwear a must-have for fashion enthusiasts looking to make a bold statement.

As we explained in our article for Fashion Network, as red was initially predominant in womenswear and highly visible on our consumers panel, this vibrant hue is now making a significant impact in menswear collections as well.

3. Wide-leg denim pants: comfort meets style

Wide-leg denim pants have been on a steady rise, and 2023 was no exception, with a 23% increase in visibility. This trend was primarily adopted by trendy and edgy consumers who appreciated the combination of comfort and style. Wide-leg pants offered a relaxed yet fashionable alternative to traditional denim silhouettes, making them a favorite for various occasions. Positioned as a rising star, wide-leg denim pants are expected to maintain their growth trajectory in the coming years.

4. Denim midi skirts: a retro revival

Denim midi skirts experienced a phenomenal growth rate of 171% in 2023, making them one of the standout trends of the year. This resurgence was primarily driven by consumers aged 26-35, with significant interest also coming from those aged 45 and above. The trend’s popularity spanned edgy and trendy segments, highlighting its broad appeal. The substantial growth trajectory of denim midi skirts suggests a strong potential for continued expansion, solidifying their place in contemporary fashion.

Denim Midi Skirts 2023
pile of jeans fashion waste

5. Floor-length denim pants: embracing edginess

Floor-length denim pants saw a noteworthy 47% increase in popularity in 2023. This trend was predominantly embraced by fashion-forward and edgy consumers within the 26-35 age group. The appeal of these pants lies in their dramatic silhouette and versatility, making them a staple for those looking to make a statement. Forecasts suggest that the robust momentum of floor-length denim pants will continue, positioning them as a key trend in the denim market and a must-have piece in a wardrobe.

6. Pinstripes: the quiet luxury aesthetic

Part of the Quiet luxury aesthetic, pinstripes experienced a 63% boost in visibility from Fall 2022 to Fall 2023. This trend was predominantly favored by the 26-35-year-old demographic, who appreciated its timeless elegance and versatility. Pinstripes seamlessly blended into the Office Core aesthetics, offering an understated yet sophisticated style. As a consistent riser, pinstripes are set to continue captivating fashion aficionados in 2024, making them a must-have for those seeking a polished look.

A fashion lifestyle made to last

During the pandemic, mentalities shifted towards a more conscious consumerism. This turning point has gained momentum in the current context, where economic inequalities are growing more pronounced by the day: Stealth Wealth replaced the Showing-Off culture. Since March 2023, the hashtag #QuietLuxury has significantly increased in both Instagram and TikTok (111M views). The Google search for this trend rose by +667% from March to June of the same year.

In opposition to "Old Money", where success and wealth had to be shown, "Quiet Luxury" resets the definition of dressing in a luxurious manner. It represents more of a lifestyle than a fashion trend itself, and is intended to be represented by long-lasting garments, passed on from one generation to another.

The focus is made on quality items for everyday high-end wardrobe essentials, and emphasizes classic minimalist silhouettes, tailored cuts, refined fabrics in neutral tones such as beige and off-white.

quiet luxury

7. Cargo pants: utility meets fashion

Cargo pants emerged as a rising star in 2023, with a remarkable 26% increase in visibility on Instagram from Fall 2022 to Fall 2023. This trend resonated particularly with 16-25 and 26-35-year-old consumers. The utilitarian staples provided versatility and adaptability, becoming a must-have alternative to denim. By seamlessly blending fashion and functionality, cargo pants catered to a new generation of style-conscious individuals, ensuring their continued relevance in the fashion landscape.

8. Biker boots: a rebellious comeback

Biker boots made a notable comeback in 2023, with a 14% increase in Instagram visibility from Fall 2022 to Fall 2023. This trend was embraced by the 26-35 and 36-45-year-old demographics, who appreciated the boots' edgy, assertive vibe. Biker boots benefitted from the Millennial enthusiasm for second-hand and thrift shops, as well as the infusion of everyday ugly-pretty aesthetics by brands such as Balenciaga and Martine Rose. Their versatility ensured they effortlessly added a rebellious touch to any outfit.

9. Ballerinas: a classic revival

Once considered passé, ballerinas experienced a striking 47% surge in Instagram visibility from Fall 2022 to Fall 2023. Surprisingly, this trend found fervent adoption not only among the 45+ age group but also significantly among the 26-35 and 36-45-year-old demographics. The classic footwear style underwent a revival, captivating a broad audience with its timeless charm and versatility. The resurgence of ballerinas, featuring designs like fishnet, rhinestones, laser-cut leather, gathered satin, and various toe shapes, firmly established them as a fashion favorite in 2023.


Embracing the off-duty-ballerina style

Fashion is an eternal cycle, and this is especially true when once-abhorred trends like Y2K aesthetics are coming back so intensively, either in a fantasized, literal, or modernized way.

Same story for ballerina shoes, which were the worst pair of shoes for fashionistas, and they are now gaining momentum as comfort has been a must since the end of lockdown.

Based on our data, ballerina flats are experiencing a significant resurgence, with a continuous upward trend in the USA since last spring and a particularly strong growth in Europe.

#balletcore is peaking on TikTok this September (32K posts), embodying an inspiring balance between back-to-school and delicate coolness.

With the Ballet Core trend, the modern twist is pairing "Petit Rat de l'Opéra's" classic gear (leg-warmers, knitted ribbed leggings, bralettes, see-through and tulle tops, mini flowing skirts...) with contrasting urban pieces such as retro trainers, oversized blazers, poplin office-wear shirts, baggy denim pants & wrap cardigans.

Even if the references are straightforward, the contrast with roughness adds some edge to this girly-girl trend.

Metallic Tones trend

10. Metallic tones: shimmering into the spotlight

Metallic tones ignited a 24% surge in Instagram visibility from Fall 2022 to Fall 2023. This trend was predominantly embraced by the 16-25 and 26-35-year-old demographics. Metallic tones, categorized as a rising star, experienced a strong burst in visibility recently. The casual incorporation of metallics, seen in items like coated metallic denims and retro football sneakers, breathed new life into this trend. Collaborations such as Adidas Samba x Wales Bonner and Rihanna x Puma further boosted the trend's popularity, making metallic tones undeniably cool and a must-have for fashion enthusiasts in 2023.

In our Fashion Week SS’24 Report, our experts analyzed the difference in popularity of metallic tones for pants, tops and skirts with different predictive growth, concluding that brands should focus their metallic offerings around pants.

Conclusion: reflecting on 2023 and looking ahead

The top trends of 2023, from slingback pumps to metallic tones, highlight the dynamic nature of fashion and the diverse preferences of consumers. As we move further into 2024, these insights provide a foundation for anticipating future trends. At Heuritech, our data-driven approach continues to offer valuable foresight into the ever-evolving fashion landscape, ensuring that brands and consumers alike stay ahead of the curve. Stay tuned for our upcoming article on the top trends of 2024, as we continue to explore the exciting world of fashion forecasting with artificial intelligence and fashion expertise.


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