Festive Seasons Trends: Europe 20-21

  • Popular women's fashion trends across Europe
  • Five must-have themes for winter collections
  • Hits & Misses: Uncovering the safest trends to bet on


Tuesday 29th of September,
14:00 CEST Time l 13:00 BST Time l 8:00 EDT Time

Festive Seasons Trends Webinar

As the festive season approaches, join us for an exclusive webinar where we give a sneak preview into trends that will dominate fashion collections this winter. Backed by the latest innovation in predictive analytics, our experts will unveil trends worth betting on, as well as those that will fail to match the market’s expectations this year. We look forward to seeing you there!

Heuritech’s artificial intelligence platform uses advanced trend forecasting to empower brands into making smarter business decisions.

Our speakers:

  • Morgane Bourgeois, Fashion Analyst
  • Mélanie Mollard, Fashion Content Manager
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