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2021 Fashion Rejuvenation Webinar

From Heuritech's and Carlin's Analysis

  • 4 inspiring themes to brighten 2021
  • A spotlight on trends ranging from vibrant to relaxing
  • Emerging designers and brands to look out for


Tuesday, 19th of January,
14:00 CET Time l 13:00 BST Time l 8:00 EDT Time

Heuritech Carlin Webinar

Join Heuritech and Carlin Creative Trend Bureau for an exclusive webinar where we assess four inspiring themes for 2021, address insights into the market and consumer sociology, and unveil emerging designers linked to trends backed by Heuritech's platform data.

Heuritech’s data and fashion expertise joins hands with Carlin’s creative strategy building to help frame your business decisions with confidence.


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