Technology a catalyst for gender-fluid fashion with Heuritech's Fashion Curator

Episode #3

“There are no constraints on creativity, and you can create things that wouldn’t be possible in the physical world, and this clearly applies to gender binaries as well.” - Jenna McFeely

Could technology be a catalyst for a more inclusive fashion industry?

After releasing our market report "Freedom From Distinctions: Gender-Fluid Fashion", we couldn't help but wonder: what is the relationship between technology and self-expression and, consequently, gender fluidity?

To explore the topic further, we invited to this episode Jenna McFeely, Fashion Curator and Trend Analyst at Heuritech, to hear her opinion as a fashion expert and provide us with insight regarding the consumer and industry standpoint on gender fluidity. 

In this episode, we explore how technologies, such as social media, digital fashion, and the Metaverse offer consumers new levels of self-expression and how this could be a push further for a more inclusive and diverse fashion industry.

Jenna McFeely Fashion Curator at Heuritech

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