Fairly Made x Heuritech analysis

How can you materialize your
commitments towards sustainability?

Key takeaways

  • Brand categorization and market overview
  • Identifying the consumers of a green fashion industry
  • Best sustainable trends and practices
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After a call to action by major representatives of the industry, many creators made commitments to design and produce more sustainably.

Download our report and Heuritech in partnership with Fairly Made will provide you with a toolkit for best practices and solutions to issues you might be facing to achieving those goals while staying true to your brand DNA and the market trends.

Report extract

hear what brands think about our report:


"Thank you for the follow up and sending it to me! This was really interesting and insightful"

- Jessica Rhoads, Anthropologie

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"I appreciated the diversity of themes, but how each theme had cohesion (“Blooming Nature” and “Sleek Futurism” were two I hadn’t seen yet)"

- Charles Wilson, New Balance

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