Trend forecasting

Our revolutionary market intelligence platform helps leading fashion brands and retailers anticipate and quantify relevant trends for their upcoming collections and maximize sell-through.

For leading fashion brands and retailers
that are trend driven and want to maximize sell-through

Heuritech helps Designers, Planners, Merchandisers, Buyers, Communication and Digital teams improve every step of the product life cycle,
from predicting trend behaviors, to improving demand planning accuracy, to maximizing visual merchandising.

Why trend forecasting is the most accurate tool to
forecast demand and produce responsibly

The acceleration of the pace of trends and the race for constant newness have created one of the biggest challenges for the fashion industry: overstock. Each year, fashion brands have billions of dollars of unsold inventory due to the lack of accurate forecasting tools. To solve this problem, brands need to foresee emerging trends and anticipate customer demand at an early stage.

Trend analysis graph

When it comes to fashion, trend forecasting has become essential for many creatives and brands today.

use social media to detect emerging fashion trends

Heuritech provides the solution: we turn millions of social media images into clear fashion insights
to predict which trends are coming, how they will behave and who will adopt them,
from trendsetters to consumers.

+3 Million
pictures analyzed each day

+4 000
Trends detected on social media

How trend forecasting
helps brands increase sell-through

Always be ahead of the next big fashion trends

Find inspiration in influencer and consumer images on our trend mood boards

Improve demand planning with predictive analytics on trend lifecycles
(trends behaviors, volume, growth and adoption stages)

Target the right buyer persona for each trend and market

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By optimizing assortment to include best-selling trends and reviewing stock forecasts, Heuritech impacts brand sales, stock and sell-through


Success stories

model removes a pink tie dye hoodie

How did we help our client face confinement and prepare a long-term strategy for future collections?

A fashion brand used Heuritech’s technology to take advantage of its existing inventory and showcase the season’s key trends to its audience.

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sneaker black and white

How did we help our client renew his offer by revealing a future trendy design attribute?

Using Heuritech’s platform, our client spotted black dad sneakers as a
relevant trend to renew his “lifestyle” sneaker offer.

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