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New data for fashion


Heuritech creates the “New data for fashion”, a solidarity program designed to give access to strategic information and data to fashion brands

New data for fashion

Covid-19 has brought new challenges to the whole textile industry: brands, suppliers, publishers, institutions, and retailers have been affected.

During this particular time, it is crucial that we stick together and show solidarity. At Heuritech, we would like to contribute in our own way. Responding to the call of Cédric O, Secretary of State for Digital, we are dedicating ourselves to offer brands a privileged access to strategic information and data for the following months.

Heuritech is a fashiontech company specializing in predicting consumer trends, thanks to an advanced Artificial Intelligence technology analyzing social networks such as Instagram.

Our “New data for fashion” Program aims to provide access to key information and forecast on trends via social networks in order to optimize decision-making for your business. This information will be free to access until September 2020.

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In the program, according to your company profile:

  • A personalized support will be specially developed for you, in order to face this unprecedented crisis in the best possible conditions
  • Resources (reports, webinars, …) will be made freely available to guide you in this resumption of activity and steer your strategy, via insights and statistics from data collected from Instagram.

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This crisis is the turning point to a new world. We are committed to helping companies that, like us, want to be involved in a sustainable, responsible, and efficient textile sector. We firmly believe that Artificial Intelligence and especially the data it allows us to collect can help you understand and adapt, in real-time, to new consumer behavior.

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