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Tendam’s Fall 2021 Collections: Trend forecasting for mens and womenswear

Key takeaways

  • Major European fashion retailer Tendam has a range of brands including Pedro del Hierro and Cortefiel, both of which create timeless and elegant mens and womenswear collections.
  • For Tendam's Fall 2021 collections, trends associated with classic luxury, from prints, to fabrics, to colors, are these brands' best bets to include in upcoming seasons.
  • Trend forecasting can guide Tendam in their collection planning across various brands and consumer segments while maintaining their established brand identity.

Tendam’s fashion brands are uniquely tailored to cater to the premium ready-to-wear segment, with a distinct commitment to sustainability. The success of Tendam lies partly in their business model: each Tendam brand has its own design team and management network, allowing for sharper creation and targeting. Two of these brands include Pedro del Hierro and Cortefiel, both which have a brand identity of business-casual, timeless elegance.

“For these Tendam brands to continue satisfying their customers with classic yet trendy looks, particularly through ecommerce, data-based trend forecasting could present actionable insights to do so.”

As such, we’ve taken a closer look at the two brands’ current collection assortments from their e-commerce platforms and compared them with our trend data to gauge demand for the Fall 2021 season in Europe. In particular, the following will focus on trends suitable for both genders, which convey the classic elegance close to Cortefiel and Pedro del Hierro’s identities. 

Fall 2021: Forecasting trends for Tendam’s upcoming collections

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Keeping in mind Tendam’s segmentation, the following trends are among those who appeal to both genders in Europe for the Fall 2021 season. We’ve chosen three differing trends that fit with colder months: velvet, purple-blue, and checked print. These three macro trends conform to Tendam’s idea of lasting luxury, but understanding how they behave will help establish an efficient collection plan that still reflects each brand’s unique aesthetic.

1. Dark Purple-Blue

Deep purple-blue is similar to velvet not only for its common association with the fabric, but also for its likening to luxuriousness and colder months. With that said, while this dark purple-blue color will be a safe bet for womenswear, it will be a last call for menswear. Why? It comes down to the growth rate, or the visibility of the trend on social media compared to last Fall: for women, the color will decrease by -9%, but for men, by -15%. The two genders have the same medium magnitude for dark purple-blue, but the difference in growth rate marks the difference in how Tendam’s brands should approach the trend for Fall 2021 collections.

Dark purple blue trend forecast by Heuritech for Fall 2021

Dark purple-blue’s high seasons are Spring and Winter, just like velvet. It is worth noting that the color will have a more universal appeal among women than among men, perhaps due to the fact that the color is often designed in softer, more supple fabrics on tops for women, pants for men, and outerwear for both.

2. Velvet

Velvet is a fabric associated with Winter holidays and cold weather for its luxurious feel and warmth. So for this Fall, velvet is predicted to be a safe bet for both men’s and women’s collections in Europe. The fabric’s medium magnitude coupled with its flat or slightly increasing growth rate, at -2% and +8% for women and men respectively, spell good potential for this trend compared to Fall 2020.

Heuritech's trend forecasting platform provides clear trend insights
Heuritech’s trend forecasting platform provides clear trend insights

For the Tendam brands’ womenswear collections, velvet garments and accessories should be directed toward a more mass-market appeal, while for menswear, toward a more niche market. This is due to the consumer segmentation for each, which differs given the way velvet is traditionally styled for women versus on men. For women, velvet will do best on dresses, pants, and skirts in fitted silhouettes, while men will be most drawn to outerwear and pants. In any case, the high seasons for both genders are in Spring and Winter, the perfect brackets around the upcoming Fall season.

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3. Checked Print

We’ve seen checked print all over the runways recently, especially during the SS21 season. It comes as no surprise, then, that the trend is carrying over into this year. Women and men alike will be keen to don checked print: this trend appeals to all consumer segments for both genders. Checked print will be most appealing in womenswear on skirts, with some visibility on outerwear, dresses, and shorts as well — the choices are many for designers. For menswear, on the other hand, checked print zill perform best on outerwear, tops, and pants. 

Checked print trend forecast by Heuritech for Fall 2021

For women, checked print is forecasted to rise by +8% this Fall 2021 compared to Fall 2020, and for men, by +6%. Their similar growth rates, paired with a big magnitude for both, classifies the checked print trend as a safe bet for Tendam’s upcoming collections.

Tendam can create spot-on collections with trend forecasting

Looking forward to their Fall 2021 collections, these Tendam brands would do well to include:

  • Velvet: It may be equally interesting to anticipate different iterations of this fabric into Winter 2021 and even Spring 2022 collections, as these are predicted to be the trend’s high seasons.
  • Checked print: It’s a trend to feature this Fall for its positive growth and big market potential.
  • Dark purple-blue: This color is on its way out this season for both genders — but dark blue-green is expected to remain steady, and should be considered for Fall.  

While this brief report covers only three trends, it provides a glimpse into what trend forecasting can bring to the table for brands of all kinds. It’s important to note that Tendam’s Pedro del Hierro and Cortefiel have the extra load of creating collections for both men and women, which is where predictive analytics can truly facilitate decision-making. With trend forecasting, Tendam’s brands can preserve their identity and uniqueness while still keeping up to date with ever-changing trends.

About the writer: Mélanie Mollard, Fashion Content Manager at Heuritech

Mélanie writes about the fashion industry and its many features through the lens of applied data and trend forecasting technology.

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