How can artificial intelligence solve the Gap brand crisis?

Retaining clients could be one of the most challenging tasks facing retailers.

Once one of the major American fashion players, Gap has suffered for years from an identity crisis. Lagging behind cheaper fast fashion brands and having missed trend opportunities like the sporty athleisure wave, the mid-range apparel brand has had serious difficulties connecting with the children of its former customers, millennials.

Luckily, there is a way for the premium brand to fix its dropping sales. By addressing more relevant offerings thanks to artificial intelligence, the American fashion brand could learn to successfully retain its clients.

Through visual recognition on Instagram, retailers can get to know their client’s habits and common product associations.

Want to find out how our AI technology helped Gap find a solution?

With the proper AI technology, the brand could capitalize on the resurgence of the 90’s silhouette and reaffirm its original identity: knowledge of “the generation gap”.

About the writer: Victor Gosselin, content writer at Heuritech

Victor writes about luxury fashion brands and products under the scope of sociology and pop culture to analyze new consumer behaviors.

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