How did we help our client renew his offer by revealing a future trendy design attribute?

Dec. 15, 2019

When Heuritech helps to understand the commercial potential of a shoe with regards to a consumer target.

The context:

Our customer was wondering if dad sneakers still had a commercial future among his targeted customers: European women and men with a distinctive streetwear style.

Was it relevant for him to bet on this sneaker model for a collection which would be delivered 9 months later? If so, which specific attributes would be appealing to his customers, enabling it to stand out from other models considered as mainstream? 

Our client’s positioning:

  • Target: 18 to 35 year-old European women and men with distinctive streetwear style
  • Price range: from 90€ to 180€
  • Time-to-market: 9 months 

The challenge: increase sales by capitalizing on a future “it” model of trendy sneakers


The methodology: advanced trend forecasting

Analyze 3 million
images on social media

Apply our image
recognition technology

Classify results
into trend patterns

Forecast trends
and products


How did we help our client build the relevant offer on a budding trend?

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Before launching its collection, a brand worked with Heuritech to valide trendy products for its assortment and audience.

How to achieve +9% in sales in the skirts category?

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To design its new dress collection, a brand worked with Heuritech to identify the next big trends and increased sales by 9%.

How to build the relevant offer on a popular trend?

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The leopard print had been a hit trend for already 2 seasons and still a must-have. Our client was wondering if this trend would last until its next collection.
Trend forecasting Heuritech

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