How did we help our client build the relevant offer on a budding trend?

Dec. 15, 2019

When advanced trend analysis helps to grow sales by identifying trendy products for the relevant target

The context:

The leopard print’s comeback as a top trend last year paved the way for the overall animal print trend, among which the zebra print has become increasingly visible. Our US client was wondering if it should capitalize on it for its next Spring-Summer collection.

Moreover, our client targets a trendy clientele, with bold and distinctive style. The main question was also about its appeal for its customer target: will fashion-forward consumers still be attracted to zebra prints in the next 6 months or will the trend already be too mainstream ?

Our client’s positioning:

  • Target: trendy US women, 20 to 35 years-old
  • Price range: between 80€ and 200€
  • Time-to-market: 6 months

The challenge: Increase sell-through on trendy products by identifying which product trends are relevant for its collection


The methodology: advanced trend forecasting

Analyze 3 million
images on social media

Apply our image
recognition technology

Classify results
into trend patterns

Forecast trends
and products


How did we help our client build the relevant offer on a budding trend?

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Before launching its collection, a brand worked with Heuritech to valide trendy products for its assortment and audience.

How to achieve +9% in sales in the skirts category?

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To design its new dress collection, a brand worked with Heuritech to identify the next big trends and increased sales by 9%.

How to build the relevant offer on a popular trend?

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The leopard print had been a hit trend for already 2 seasons and still a must-have. Our client was wondering if this trend would last until its next collection.
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