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How to predict the success of
new accessories right after the Fashion Show?

Dec. 14, 2019

Predict successful products early: an example in luxury

The context: new collection unveiled during a fashion show

For the 2019 Cruise show, our client, a luxury fashion brand, was revealing 8 new bags on the runway. They had intuitions that some products would arouse stronger desirability than others. In order to confirm their intuitions, they asked Heuritech to monitor those 8 new products in order to quantify people’s posts & engagement on social media.

The challenge: how to anticipate the success of a product based on the first signs of desirability?


The methodology: advanced trend forecasting

Retrieve 5000 relevant
posts on social media

Detect the 8 new
bags inside posts

Analyze the bag first signs
of desirability


How did we help our client build the relevant offer on a budding trend?

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Before launching its collection, a brand worked with Heuritech to valide trendy products for its assortment and audience.

How to achieve +9% in sales in the skirts category?

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To design its new dress collection, a brand worked with Heuritech to identify the next big trends and increased sales by 9%.

How to build the relevant offer on a popular trend?

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The leopard print had been a hit trend for already 2 seasons and still a must-have. Our client was wondering if this trend would last until its next collection.