How did a regional merchandiser adjust its buy with Heuritech to avoid overstock on a declining trend?

The context: forecasting future demand to prepare product assortments

The plaid coat had been a best-selling trend last winter. Plaid was one of the hit trends of the last year, and had spread over the mass market. Our client was a regional merchandiser for a fast-fashion brand, he had to decide on the product assortment for his region during showroom buying, and he was not confident in investing as much in plaid coats as last year. He was wondering what would be the level of demand in the market he was in charge of in 6 months, in order to adapt the depth & the width of the offer for this style.

The challenge: find the right level of stock 

Buy the right quantity to meet the demand.

The result: satisfying the demand without losing money

Buy 3 SKUs instead of 6 SKUs as the trend is declining

Buy the right quantity to meet the demand

Plaid Coat Heuritech

The result

  • Buy 3 SKUs instead of 6 SKUs as the trend is declining

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