Model holds a Charles and Keith half-moon bag in black and white.

Top 6 bag shapes and handles trending for SS20

Fashion week is just around the corner, Heuritech has put together a list of the top 6 bag trends fashion players should take note of next month. Combinations of bag shapes and bag handles bring individualism to the fashion world, as many designers distinguish themselves through their bags. Here’s a look at the season’s top 6 bag shapes and handles, as defined by Heuritech.

Infographic of top 6 shapes and handles with an image to exemplify each.

Shoot for the stars with the half moon trend

On the streets and on Instagram, the half-moon bag is making itself known. And with Heuritech’s trend forecasting technology, this shape promises to receive even more attention this spring/summer. This half-circle bag has already been featured by big name brands like Loewe and Saint Laurent and even by smaller creators like Charles and Keith. According to Heuritech image recognition technology, such a unique take on the popularized circle bag will be in the hands of many an influencer in the months to come.

Going in circles: The bag shape for your SS20 collection

The circle bag is an obvious success given its density of shares on social media, as influencers and models show off the quirky, feminine shape to their followers. Heuritech pulls this particular shape out of the lineup, forecasting clear skies ahead for the circle bag. Chanel is doing it. Balmain is doing it. Mansur Gavriel is doing it. Why not you, too?

The round handle is here to stay this season

This spring/summer, there is one classic shape which stands out: the round handle. Even given the myriad of bag shapes themselves, the round handle is forecasted to remain a loyal sidekick to its bag, no matter the shape. Fashion players won’t go wrong with this trusty round handle in their collections.

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Taking center-stage: The center handle

The centered front-to-back handle is evidently a creative’s take on the tried-and-true bag handle which attaches side-to-side. Among the most prominent players is the brand Danse Lente, whose presence on social media among influencers and other fashion players is thanks to their centered handle bags, the Mini Johnny and the Josh. Lanvin also featured as a big contributor. This new handle structure is forecasted by Heuritech to have plenty of momentum for spring/summer ‘20. 

Close-up of Danse Lente's centre-handle bag in black.

Big chains, small bags for SS20

The Chanel 2.55 is the original chain handle bag, said to be inspired by the chains on the waists of the nuns in Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel’s convent school. Today, the chain handle is much more democratized, with images popping up all over Instagram in the form of Givenchy, Jimmy Choo, Prada, and a host of others. Heuritech’s Artificial Intelligence picked up on chain handles thick and thin, silver and gold, and sure to be present this spring/summer. 

Do knot miss the knotted handle bag trend

If tangled headphones are frustrating, tangled bag handles are not. While Yuzefi produced a clean knot with their Dolores bag, other brands like Bottega Veneta, Dries Van Noten, and Off-White came out with chunkier, softer knots to embellish their bag handles. Designers, take note: with the help of Heuritech’s visual recognition technology, it seems the knotted handle will be a welcome guest. 

The trendiest bags for 2020 will soon be shared on social media with even more enthusiasm as the season approaches. And while it can be difficult to keep up, Heuritech is able to historicize and forecast both demand and trends. Its visual recognition technology, borne from Artificial Intelligence, analyzes over 3 million Instagram images and videos per day, allowing for each specific product to be accurately identified and recorded. This is thus translated to sustainable, savvy, and competitive business for brands.

About the writer: Mélanie Mollard, Fashion Content Manager at Heuritech

Mélanie writes about the fashion industry and its many features through the lens of applied data and trend forecasting technology.

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