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Fall 2021 Trends: Colors, Prints, and Silhouettes

Key takeaways

  • Heuritech analyzed recent designer's collections for the top trends and colors to include for the FW21 season, and found two themes that stood out above the rest.
  • Bright optimism embodies joy for the upcoming season with floral prints and the color yellow in collections from designers including Kwaidan Editions and Collina Strada.
  • Post-opulence describes a return to minimalism and formal dressing as a juxtaposition to the former theme, and pinstripes and formal shirts were among the top trends in this theme.

Designers’ recent collections are goldmines for predicting which trends will take off throughout this year into Fall 2021. While there were a handful, two themes stood out as guides for major trends among both genders on the European market this Fall. 

Bright optimism embodies a certain form of joyful naivety, with its bright colors and funky prints. Emerging designers communicate through these collections a desire for spontaneity and even a dash of humor, a language to which many Gen Zers and millennials respond easily. 

Post-opulence describes a return to fundamentals: this idea of in-depth, “rooted fashion,” with its own history and references, is associated with skills to be preserved. Designers reflected consumer habits this past year, reinforcing the global passion for everything local, and the mantra that less is more. 

So to which trends do these main themes translate for Fall 2021?

Bright optimism to determine Fall 2021’s top trends

In recent collections, many designers opted for optimism to counteract the times. Creators seemed to share the same vision of a bright, sunny aesthetic reminiscent of the late 1960s, using bright colors and childlike prints to communicate their hopes. 

Covered head-to-toe in flower print

Collina Strada’s latest collecion dubbed Change Is Cute exhibited a new virtual world of inclusiveness and joy against backgrounds of seaside, farm lands, or hand-drawn characters. The models, dressed in fun flower print, were running wild, posing in fields of flowers or lush forests to an upbeat soundtrack.

Similarly, Shuting Qiu’s collection featured flower print, this time in the form of patchwork for a more retro ambiance than Strada’s watercolor. The iterations of flower print managed to maintain a sense of wonder: for this reason, we predict that flower print will remain stable with a slight 4% decrease this Fall 2021 compared to the same season last year.  

Heuritech trend forecasting platform: Floral print, Fall 2021, Europe
Heuritech trend forecasting platform: Floral print, Fall 2021, Europe

Lighting up Fall 2021 with the color yellow

Beyond being a sunny, warm color, yellow is also one of the most eye-catching colors out there. With this logic, it comes as no surprise that this color was featured in so many recent collections: designers want their clothing to pop through a screen as much as they would in real life. And given its bright tone, yellow puts an emphasis on certain aspects of design or texture, much to the delight of designers.

Label Kwaidan’s ensembles for its SS21 collection, for instance, included yellow in thin mesh fabric, drawing one’s attention to the luster quality of the fabric. Despite its qualities, however, yellow’s trend visibility will decrease by 6% this Fall 2021 versus last year. Coupled with a small magnitude, designers should be wary of including yellow in their upcoming collections. 

Fall 2021 making room for the post-opulence trend

The post-opulence theme represents a minimalist and elegant approach to dressing, with fresh interpretations of traditional tailored silhouettes as the central focus of this aesthetic. The theme also calls for the resurgence of wardrobe essentials and content sobriety, employing classic muted colors and prints.

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This form of dressing seems to enhance the practicality of a garment and the purity of its lines, often drawing its inspiration from architecture. Following the evolution of consumption, it focuses on perfectly executed and luxurious staples defying the hectic tempo of trends. 

Make room for pinstripes this FW21

Traditional pinstripes are thin light stripes on a dark backing, and have appeared on suits since the early 19th century. Today, the pattern is the epitome of business-formal style. Boyarovskaya and Alfie Paris adapted the print onto garments that display a modest feminine appeal. It is predicted that the print will gain +11% in visibility this Fall 2021 compared to last year, making it a definite trend to consider including in upcoming collections. 

Getting dressed up in formal shirts

The white formal shirt is considered a timeless piece of clothing. Designer Su Gi revisited the formal shirts by adding a large tab collar detail; Parisian based label Ellery went for a club collar and top stitching details; and Maria Boyarovskaya reimagined a shirt with deep notched sides. Together, their design approach offers a modern yet luxury simplicity of the garment. This Fall 2021, the formal shirt is predicted to slightly increase compared to the same season last year with a mild 7% increase in visibility. 

Heuritech trend forecasting platform: Formal shirt, Fall 2021, Europe
Heuritech trend forecasting platform: Formal shirt, Fall 2021, Europe

But these two themes can’t define the entire Fall 2021 season around the corner. There’s much more to it, from themes to trends to emerging designers. Trend forecasting offers a peek into the coming months to create better, more precise collections this season. 

About the writer: Mélanie Mollard, Fashion Content Manager at Heuritech

Mélanie writes about the fashion industry and its many features through the lens of applied data and trend forecasting technology.

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