catsuit FW21 trend forecast

Catsuits are FW21’s most daring trend forecast yet

Key takeaways

  • These recent FW21 Fashion Weeks revealed a new trend: the catsuit, a clear transition from indoor to outdoor wear as consumers look forward to dressing up and out again.
  • The catsuit comes in many forms, often in knitted, fitted fabrics with different pant lengths and necklines from brands including Tank Air Studio, Prada, Emilia Wickstead, and more.
  • Our trend forecasts predict that fine gauge knit, a popular fabric for the catsuit, will rise +8% this Winter 2021 in Europe among female consumers.

In recent weeks, people have been buzzing about post-pandemic trends more than usual. The season’s Fashion Weeks have a lot to do with it, as does our excitement to get outside and show off our latest purchases. But one trend amongst the enthusiasm stands out from the rest — the catsuit. This fun top-pant combination has made a comeback lately, a marked transition from the indoors to the outdoors as we hope to soon walk the streets freely. So this Fall/Winter 2021, our experts at Heuritech predict to see catsuits rise in desirability among female consumers in Europe. 

Cozy and catty: FW21’s newest trend

The catsuit perfectly encapsulates how many consumers are approaching post-pandemic style: a subtle combination of comfort and exuberance. After so many months spent indoors in hoodies and sweatpants, it seems as if most people aren’t ready to give up loungewear just yet. Soft, supply fabrics and fits have become the norm, so why not keep up the comfort?

Indeed, many iterations of the catsuit are seen in knitted, cozy fabrics in bodycon silhouettes. Brands such as Tank Air Studio, Ayamuse, and Marcia seem to have marked the comfy catsuit as their own, creating a feminine, practical garment that makes a statement without any extra styling.

We’re also seeing both short and full pant versions of this trend, alongside a variety of necklines including the polo neck or even an integrated bustier.

The forecast is in, and we’re seeing catsuits

Heuritech trend forecasting platform: Catsuits, Winter 2021, Europe
Heuritech trend forecasting platform: Catsuits, Winter 2021, Europe

Whether in fine gauge knit, jersey, sheer, or more, the catsuit is the ideal marriage of loungewear and edge in one’s wardrobe. For instance, our trend forecasts expect fine gauge knit to rise +8% this Winter 2021 in Europe for womenswear, an all the more promising forecast as this fabric is already commonly used in catsuits from various brands. So for those brands with customers on the edgier side, the catsuit trend will be a hit throughout 2021. 

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