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Heuritech is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with Pantone to bring color trends to the fashion industry. 

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Pantone is renowned worldwide for its expertise in colors and particularly the color of the year. Heuritech adds the power of data and artificial intelligence to bring quantitative analysis to colors in the fashion industry, enabling for the first time to quantify the volume of colors seen among consumers and influencers, as well as its adoption.

To master color recognition, Heuritech has developed state-of-the-art color detection capabilities on fashion pictures in order to get as close as possible to true colors (in spite of filters, shades, etc). The idea is to give a wide range of color trends from macro to granular to fit the respective needs of fashion brands.

By associating Heuritech’s color trends with Pantone’s color references, we ensure that clients can easily produce these colors in real life. From the moment a trend is digitally detected on social media by Heuritech to the time of production in factories, brands can speak a common language of colors with Pantone.

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Report: Must-have colors for Fall 2020

Download our Color Trend Report for Fall 2020, highlighting the must-have, powerful Pantone Colors that shape our outfits. Discover the 5 color themes in high season for Fall 2020 in Europe, as well as key inspirations and data to optimize merchandising and communication.



Heuritech FW20 Report

Co-reports on Colors

For up-to-date market trends in the fashion industry.


To fuel designers’ creativity with mood boards to visually explore colors with Pantone color codes and Heuritech's image recognition technology.

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Pantone color of the year 2020

Pantone provides a universal language of colors that today allows more than 10 million designers and producers globally to realize a number of projects from graphics to fashion design. Using X-Rite technology to ensure color consistency, Pantone provides services to a multitude of creative minds in a range of industries and facilitates a standard color language.

The Pantone Matching System guarantees accurate, standard color and encompasses over 10,000 color standards across many media including printing, textiles, and pigments. Pantone Lifestyle offers consumer products in modern aesthetics through partnerships with like-minded brands including apparel, beauty, and home furnishings. The Pantone Color Institute is the company’s consulting service which forecasts global color trends and assists companies on color as a branding strategy.


Heuritech is a cutting-edge fashion technology company that offers brands data-driven trend forecasting.

Using advanced artificial intelligence to translate real-world images shared on social media into meaningful insights, Heuritech empowers brands to forecast demand, stock and sales more accurately, produce more sustainably, and achieve unprecedented competitive advantage.

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